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artistic editing & retouching & before and after samples

After each shoot there are a few necessary steps that get our images from the lens to you, we have illustrated some examples below...

All of our images start in a RAW file format. What does this mean for you? In simple terms, there is a bit of necessary processing every image has to undergo before it is in a format suitable for printing. This first image is our 'original' - which is our (almost) straight from camera file - the only processing done here was a straight conversion from a RAW (.nef) file to a printable (.jpg) file.

our typical processing schedule: (all stages explained below)
- raw straight out of camera download
- all proofs are very quickly balanced and color corrected
- highlight images are selected and edited well for an online slide show.
- and finally your chosen album images are finely edited, finished, and ready for printing.

DesireeTony1-(1529).jpg As you might notice, this image is too blue, too soft, and too muted down for our liking. The original image is a beautiful image that is completely printable but with some color enhancements, removal of background photographers, and sharpening the final image is gorgeous.


In the proofing stage, we very quickly balance the images, clean up the colors, balance the contrast and saturation, and usually add a little bit of sharpening. Every image you receive will exist in this color enhanced 'proof' stage.

Here is another example of fine editing for an album or print.


Our last step in preparing your images is to take the highlight images, edit and enhance the images, and create an online slide show. These special few (typically 45 images per session and 200 or so from weddings) make up the photographers picks and slide show images. This third phase is one the most time-consuming (but totally worthwhile!) part of our editing process. Your photographers picks images exist in a world where colors are bolder, skies are bluer, and everything is vibrant. We also play with tone and mood to better suit each image and each event.

ShannonJoey1-(1079).jpgOur proofs only address the most major issues and don't cross over into wrinkle removal and so forth. For album editing  we often do blemish removal, minor wrinkle removal, eye and teeth enhancements, etc. 

All of our clients receive *BOTH* the quickly enhanced proof and the edited version as part of their digital files, if the client has purchased an album or edited images. That's important to note, as most studios only deliver the proof version only.

MadelineDavid2-(299)-1.jpgAs a studio we tend to stay on the less-is-more side of the retouching scale. Bottom line: we want you to recognize yourself in the work. We try to go for a flawless look rather than loosing all personal characteristics.

AshleyGrant1-(1113).jpg xoxo...